Coursework S&S

Week 1

The Brief

At first, we were led to believe that Contrapol were marketing their online festival Shift F7 with the theme Order/Disorder. Subsequent emails later, we have discovered this brief had ended before the course had began and we are waiting for word of their new venture. In the meantime, our group are continuing with our marketing exercise to create a brief to advertise Contrapol and their online presence with an online multimedia event created with the skils we have inside our group. This will include, video, music, photography and social media including Instagram, Vimeo and Web based activities

The Contrapol website did have a number of photographers on their website but this has now been taken down.

Week 2

There have been some notable art copyright cases in recent decades. One of the most significant is French photographer Patrick Cariou’s claim, suing Richard Prince and his gallery, Gagosian, for copyright infringement.

I have to disagree with the verdict, copyright is copyright doesn’t matter if you stick a few alterations on it. I have had run ins with media companies, broadcasting companies and newspapers who all think it’s ok to use my images in their publications or broadcasts.  I win everytime, pay up or remove it’s simple and most know the law they just think I’ll be happy to see my images on the tv or in print. One company selling broadcasting rights around the world using my images were flabbergasted I still wanted paying even though in their words, ‘but we have removed them’.

Thank you for confirming you did use them here is my invoice again, have a nice day. They paid eventually

Week 3

It’s weird really, last week’s subject touched on copyright and how an ‘artist’ can prey on a ‘photographer’s’ ‘work’ and turn it into his ‘art’ and receive no consequences, financially or otherwise. I found it difficult to understand how any photographer could agree with the judge’s ruling. But then photographers have for years undervalued what they create. Our work is even harder now with the actual volume of photographs and images produced. My work has always been commercial regardless of the subject. My clients know me and my brand and what i do. This course gives my an opportunity to create a new brand, call it art if you wish, but it will have the direct consequence of making money from my clients, existing and new.  I make no excuses for this.

Rachel Neville

New York based Rachel has created a brand and style in the New york dance scene and is seen by many to be a master of her art. A former dancer she is well aware of what it takes in shape and form to produce the classic dance pose. I love her studio work. 

Kevin Richardson

Also New York based, Kevin has created his fabulous Dance As Art series around the streets and districts of New York City and State. His classic flash lit poses are supplemented with the famous buildings and landmarks around the city. He has had books published and many exhibitions 

Marc Davenant

The prolific documentary photographer and 2020 Portrait of Britain winner has been the master of social media using Twitter  to highlight his own and other historical photographer’s work to create his own brand. Self taught, he has documented many of the political and street demonstrations all over the Uk  @marcdavenant