Contextual Research P&P

  • Write a reflective account in your research journal that considers how professions of photography are viewed by non-photographers and the general public.
  • Do you think this has any impact upon how you conduct yourself as a photographer, or influences your practice in any other way?
  • Think about and describe how you have responded to changes in technology in your own practice

The photography profession is a business, sometimes we forget, carried away in the enthusiasm of creating, it’s so easy to remember the golden rule of business, make a profit. I know from my own experience. Sometimes the general public forget that too. It’s so easy to screen grab, to take the image they want and splash it on social media. It took me a good few years to educate my clients.

Photography is seen as a ‘sexy’ profession, something to aspire to by some when in truth it’s more complicated and hard work at times. On many occasions I introduce myself as a photographer the perception is still something of a mystery. I have met extremely well paid IT professionals who want to drop everything and elope with a camera to a photographic nirvana they somehow imagine the job will be.

Because I work with young people, I have a a legal as well as moral obligation to look after my images and business. Passwords are used on all my customer galleries. I seek permission for images of minors before i use them. It’s interesting that a lot of dancer’s guardians are very open in showing off their kids, a sense of pride and sometimes promotion, it is important not to exploit this. As i move into my main project area, this will become more apparent.

One word dominates how my practise has changed, the Internet. It can be a threat, many similar practises to mine have sprung up, clients brazenly publish my images of their child with the watermark as clear as day on their social media. Paradoxically, this has also given me free advertising as other potential clients see the image and use the watermark to seek out my galleries. The internet has allowed me to work from home, no more expensive rents or rates, if I need space i can hire it by the day. Most (pre-covid ) of my work is at events and overheads are kept low. It may be I will work exclusively online in the future.