Contextual Research SP

As part of my research for into the link between gender dysphoria and Autism, i quoted the article from the National Autistic Society where the prevalence of autism in attendees much higher than in the general population. this has helped with understanding Drew and his issues as he grapples with many different facets of his personality.

Traits of Autism Spectrum Disorders in Adults with Gender Dysphoria

Research into Trans men photography highlight the ongoing work with appearance and body consciousness. Still looking for a more emotional approach with older trans men

A more intimate portrayal from Christer Strömholm of trans women in Paris back in 1959

A more emotional approach from Paule Saviano. In his touring exhibition Embrace, he has tried to connect with trans men around the world listening to their unique stories.

the Rubiks cube metaphor is a puzzle we are all familiar with. The cube is for a some, a never ending puzzle, for others the algorithm once known can be done very quickly. As a metaphor it fitted well with how analyses and the fact that he feels he gets one part of his life in order only to find it affects another facet made a great visual representation of his emotions

I have been a long term admirer of Frank Hovart’s long career and his wealth of images. it seemed fitting his quotation about photography being a point in time and this particular work in progress featuring Drew’s first injection of testosterone.

copyright Frank Horvat

After lots of searching I have finally found a photographer in Paul Saviano who has approached the subject of transgender from an emotional rather than physical point of view. His exhibition Embrace is opening in Dresden next week and hopefully will be coming to the UK soon.